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"Old Signora” is a clear favorite of the meeting, at the moment the champion is in excellent shape and has every chance of winning three points in the game with the not very stable "Lazio”, who for five games in a row at Olympico cannot take against Juventus even one point.

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Obviously, Lazio will hold most of the match on the defensive, and the slow defenders of the "eagles” will not always keep up with the opponent, which will necessarily lead to warnings. Juventus also allows itself to be rude in recent fights, so in such a principled meeting it makes sense to wait for a large number of yellow cards.


In our opinion, the owners will be effectively wrong. The forecast - the individual total of Juventus is more than 1.5 goals. In 1xStavke such an outcome is proposed with a coefficient of 1.91.

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We also believe that it makes sense to wait for a nervous and rude game, so we also offer such a prediction - a total of more than 4.5 yellow cards. Such an outcome can be found with a factor of 1.95

Juventus has never lost this season, but will the series of "old lady” hold on after the match with Lazio?

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"Lazio” with Simone Inzaghi is famous for his attacking style of the game - "Eagles” have traditionally scored a lot, but the game suffers in defense, which prevents the team from gaining a foothold in the Champions League zone. Now "Lazio" is only fifth in the table with 32 points in the asset, behind the fourth "Milan" two points.


Obviously, this situation is unsatisfactory for Lazio, but there is still enough time ahead and Inzaghi can make a difference.


Juventus is absolutely the best Serie A team - the team of Massimiliano Allegri with enviable ease takes points and already has an advantage of nine points over Napoli, which allow the team to play without undue stress. Not so long ago, "Juve” figured out with "Milan” in the Italian Super Cup, beating him 1-0, and on Monday in Serie A defeated 3: 0 at home of Chievo, although he could have won more convincingly, implement Cristiano Ronaldo numerous moments.

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The favorite in the match is obvious - "Juventus” is reliable and stable in all respects, is in stunning form, and in the class seriously surpasses the hosts. However, it’s hardly worth waiting for the Italian champion’s easy life at Olimpico - Lazio has a quick and effective attack that can "bite” at the slightest opportunity.


I propose an option both to score and the victory of Juventus for the coefficient of 3.60


The 13th of August and the 14th of October 2017 are two memorable dates for Lazio fans. These days, the Eagles defeated Juventus - these are the only two Roman team wins against Turin for the last since 2013. In August, Lazio took the Italian Super Cup, in October, he unexpectedly won Juve on the pitch. Within the bounds of the championship, this was the first success of the bianco chalice against Juve in 14 years.

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With these victories, Lazio made it clear that the team of Simone Inzaghi has big plans, and the Romans so far keep up with ambitions. Like last season, they fight for the Champions League zone and are now sixth - two points to fourth place. Juventus, too, all according to plan. Turints are leading in the championship, Napoli is ahead by nine points, and Lazio - by 24.


Juve did not lose in this championship yet and only lost points twice - played in a draw with Genoa (1: 1) and Atalanta (2: 2). With Lazio in the second round, the team Massimiliano Allegri coped without any problems, three points Juventus brought Mirale Pyanich and Mario Mandzhukic.

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The match at Olympico will both be missed due to injuries, but with the depth of the composition Juventus has no problems. Allegri actively uses the rotation, gives playing time to all players, and Juventus stamps victories regardless of the composition.


But Lazio has a serious loss - due to the disqualification, the central defender Francesco Acerbi will miss the match. Its importance for Orlov is easy to understand - he played 90 minutes in all previous games of the championship. This season, Lazio cannot compensate for problems in defense with great results, so the lack of Acherby can be a problem. Especially with Juventus.

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After two unexpected defeats, Juve has twice defeated Lazio. Of the last 14 matches with the Eagles, Old Signora has won 12, and Inzaghi's team is not in the right shape to claim a sensation again. In nine rounds, she has only two victories, and in Rome this season Napoli (2: 1) and Inter (3: 0) have already won.


Indicative compositions

Lazio: Strakosh - Bashtush, Wallace, Radu - Parolo, Leyva, Milinkovic-Savic, Lulich - Luis Alberto, Correa - Immobile

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Juventus: Schesny - De Chillo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Alex Sandro - Bentancourt, Emre Jan, Matuidi - Dibala, Ronaldo, Douglas Costa


The main match of the tour will take place on the "Olympic" on Sunday evening. There, even with Juventus, things are going hard.


The crowd in the European Cup zone is decent. Before the round, from Milan, which occupies the fourth place, giving the right to play in the Champions League, Lazio is only 2 points away. But between them looms more "Roma”, and the bottom pulled "Atalanta”. Everything is possible here, you can even fall outside the six and then stay even without the Europa League. The Bianco Chillies dealt with a small crisis. More for the holidays from the end of December went victory, but knocked down in Naples. Again, "bagel”, and even because of the removal of the lost central defender Acherby. This is a serious loss. Quantitatively, defense seems to be doing well, but there are not enough real figures.

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"Juventus” a few years ago regularly stumbled over the "eagles”. But the last two meetings for "bianconeri” have developed quite well. The truth on the "Olympic" last time was not without luck. The match was stubborn, the hosts even looked better in places, but "Juve” pressed in the end and Dibala scored in compensated time. It is important to say more about the state of Ronaldo. He has just finally solved the problems with the Spanish tax. Not the most pleasant outcome: 18 million euro fine and suspended sentence. But better than endless hassle. With "Chievo” Cristiano looked bad, did not score a penalty and ruined a few more moments. Much now depends on his condition. Can you tune in?



Lazio: Francesco Acherby played 149 matches in a row, but in the upcoming match on the field will not work, as disqualified. In addition, Simone Inzaghi will not be able to count in the upcoming match for Luis Felipe.

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Juventus: The old signora has problems because there are a lot of injured players, but Massimiliano Allegri has enough players to put up a strong lineup.



Lazio won two of the last four matches against Juventus, losing four times. Biancocheles in these six games scored five goals and earned 13 yellow cards. Bianconeri scored ten goals and earned 11 mustard plaster.

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Juventus have not lost in the last 24 matches of the Italian Serie A;

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Juventus retained the gate intact in 9 of the last 11 matches against Lazio in all competitions;


Juventus drew the first half and won the match in the last three away fights against Lazio in all competitions;

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Juventus won 9 of the last 11 matches against Lazio in all competitions;


Juventus scored at least two goals in eight of the last nine away games of the Italian Serie A;


In six of the last seven home games of Lazio against Juventus in all competitions, the total total was less than 2.5;

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Lazio has not lost in the last five home games of the championship in Italy.



Lazio lost points in the last two fights, resulting in a fourth place from sixth. As for Juventus, he defeated Chievo with a score of 3: 0, and even despite the absence of some key players, it will be very surprising if the old signora cannot win in this match.

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The match prediction for Lazio - Juventus from WhoScored expert Jacopo Piotto: victory of the Allegri wards.


Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in Serie A.

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LAZIO - Juventus

In the last nine home matches of Serie A against Juventus, Lazio scored only one goal (= 1-8). No other team, with which during this time the Romans had at least five home games, they did not score less than seven goals;

Juventus and Lazio have already scored six goals after the corner this season - only Atalanta scored as much;

Juventus striker Paulo Dybala scored seven goals against Lazio - no one in Serie A scored more;

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This season, Dibala makes an average of 75 touches of the ball in 90 minutes of playing time. This is his best result in his career. For comparison, in his first season in Juventus, he made an average of 67 touches of the ball, and in the first season of Palermo - 49 touches of the ball in 90 minutes;

The last match in which Francesco Acherby from Lazio did not take part was held on October 4, 2015. Since then, he has held 127 fights in Serie A without a single pass.


The forecast for the match Lazio - Juventus according to statistics: the guests will win without conceding goals, and Paulo Dibala will score in their composition.

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