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Prediction of the match Manchester United - Burnley

Manchester United at Old Trafford takes Burnley.


M. Yu scored 8 victories in a row under Sulscher, and they already started saying that the team could achieve something more in the Champions League. It is possible, why not? A couple of days ago, Lingard was interviewed, and he was asked what had changed since Ole Gunnar came. He replied that the team began to play favorite attacking football. In that football, which they always wanted to play, and as we can see, they continue to stamp victory after victory.

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We passed the exam from the TTX, having beaten them 1-0, in the last match completely beat the "gunners" at a party in the FA Cup, showing a very good football.


What is good is that the infirmary is almost empty among the "devils." In the same game with Arsenal rested Rashford, Martial, Mata, Jones. Sanchez and Lukaku came out at the start and were good, and each player fights for the foundation, and Sulscherer gives them a chance to show and stake out a place at the base.

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Tactical flexibility is present, but the team copes without problems. Initially, 4-2-3-1 was, and in recent matches, 4-3-3. With the "spurs" and "gunners" this tactic worked perfectly, there is no point in changing it.


And all these victories raised M. Yu to 6th place, and they are only three points away from the Champions League zone, and I think the battle will be very interesting for the first four.

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Burnley has slightly corrected his position in the table, not having lost even once in the last 4 games, having won in three of them. The team is often lucky. Take the same match with Fulham, where 0 shots on target and 2 goals scored, or a victory over the "terriers" who remained in the minority in the first half. Plus there was a trip to the "Hornet", where a priori they feel like a fish in water. As a result, these advantages removed the "burgundy” from the relegation zone by only 3 points. The fight is still ahead, although such teams never boast of stability.


Burnley rotated in the cup, but this is unlikely to help them, because M.Yu. also did not put up all his best players. Moreover, the hosts on the go, tactically for the "devils" 4-4-2 will be a tasty morsel, if guests do not come up with anything new. So they do not lose for a long time, and if so where it is destined, then it is on Old Trafford. The past two seasons here, the "red” suffered with Burnley, without winning even once, both times with Mour. He is not there, and his next mistake must be forgotten with a confident victory of the home team.

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Now Manchester does some wonders in all tournaments where the team takes part. Within the framework of the championship, Solskjaer’s wards go to a series of six victories in a row, having already risen to the sixth line in the standings and reducing the gap from the Champions League zone to 3 points. In the framework of the FA Cup, the "red devils” managed to go through two stages of the tournament, having alternated between Reding (2: 0) and Arsenal (3: 1). Somehow, the Norwegian mentor managed to liberate the team, and make the MJ one of the brightest teams of January in European football. If the team manages to keep up the pace, then it’s realistic to revive champion ambitions (16 points, so far, a serious lag from the leader).


With the arrival on the coaching bridge of Solskjäer, it is impossible not to note the progress of individual players of Manchester - Lingard, Sanchez, Pogba (playing amazingly!), Lindelef and de Gea (he again began to work wonders at the gate). But the main achievement of the current Manchester is the revival of a bright style of play.

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Four matches without defeats in a row (three wins) - such are the successes of the wards of Sina Datca in the extreme rounds. Such results allowed Burnley to leave the relegation zone, breaking away from her by three points. Positive results to the team came in matches not with the strongest opponents and competitors in the bottom of the tournament table (Huddersfield, Fulham, West Ham and Watford). All victories were gained by the team due to the reliability of the defensive line, but not at all due to the advantage in the class.


At the disposal of Sina Datca new talented players appear every year who are able to improve the club's performance. Yes, the first half of the championship turned out to be a failure for Burnley, but no one bothers the club to rectify the situation in the near future. If Burnley succeeds in maintaining the current reliability of the defense, the team may well climb to the middle of the standings before the end of the season.

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His game "red devils” deserved the status of the favorite in this match: the victory of Manchester for 1.29, a draw for 6.10, the victory of Burnley for 12.50. Such odds from the leading bookmakers leave the meager chances of the visiting team to a successful result. Popular total received from the bookmakers the following coefficients: "total more than 2.5" for 1.53, "total less than 2.5" for 2.47. Here BK are confident in the high performance of the game.



The home team is now in perfect shape, however, as the wards Datca. But, all the success of Burnley is connected with matches against not the strongest opponents, and this makes Manchester United a clear favorite of this game. Our prediction for this match is the success of the home team with a small minus handicap.

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Bet: Manchester United victory with a handicap (-1.5) – 1.83.


"Manchester United” in the near tour will try to continue its winning move in the match with "Burnley”. Will the "devils" not lose points? Our prediction.


In spite of everything, Manchester United continues to win. With Ole Gunnar Sulskher, Manchester United has won eight games in a row, setting a new club record. No one before in the rich history of the Red Devils has won so many matches in a row immediately after being appointed to the coaching post. Under the leadership of the Norwegian managed to win Tottenham (1: 0) and Arsenal (3: 1). And both Sir Alex beat in London.

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At Old Trafford, the club won all the last five official matches, with Mourinho defeating Fulham (4: 1), and with Sulscher defeating Huddersfield (4: 1), Reading (2: 0), Brighton (2: 1) and breaking the "Bournemouth" (4: 1).


Manchester United is on the rise. Paul Pogba began his extravaganza, and recovered Sanchez in the cup match against Arsenal scored the first goal of the season. The "red devils”, though they remained on the sixth line, but now they are only three points behind the fourth Chelsea.


In the infirmary, the team has only Marouane Fellaini and Marcos Rojo.

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"Burnley" rises not so bright. If Manchester United in the Cup won against Arsenal, the "maroon” in this tournament lost on the road to Manchester City (0: 5). Although in the championship, the unbeaten run of the team of Shaun Daych reached four matches in which Burnley scored ten points.


This allowed the club to leave the relegation zone and climb to 16th place. But to relax "burgundy" just early, the 18th "Cardiff", "Burnley" is ahead by only three points. They beat in this successful for themselves the period of "maroon" "West Ham" (2: 0), "Fulham" (2: 1) and "Huddersfield" (2: 1), and also tied with "Watford" (0: 0 ).

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But what exactly does not inspire the fans of the team before this match is the statistics of their favorites in fights with the top clubs. "Manchester City” "Burnley” has twice lost 0: 5. Chelsea beat maroon 4: 0, Liverpool and Arsenal beat this club at 3: 1, and only Tottenham won 1: 0 modest. As for the MJ, the "red devils” beat "Burnley” at a party (2: 0).


In the infirmary, the team now has only Aaron Lennon. But Matthew Lawton, Phillip Bardsley, Johan Gudmundsson and Robbie Brady are questionable.

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Manchester United won all eight of the last official matches.

At Old Trafford, MJ has not lost nine official meetings in a row.

Four of six previous matches in the Premier League Manchester United won by more than one goal.

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The unbeaten Burnley series in the Premier League has reached four matches.

In the last eight guest matches of the championship "Burnley" won only "Huddersfield", losing five of the remaining seven meetings.

Burnley has failed to beat Manchester United for eight consecutive bouts. However, three times during this time the "maroon” drew with Sir Alexis. And twice at Old Trafford: 0: 0 in 2016, and 2: 2 last season.



"Burnley”, without doubt, will try to dry the match. There is not enough skill to compete with the "maroon” tops, and the current MJ is not at all like the team that is going to distribute points.

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Considering the form Manchester United is in and the fact that the Red Devils have won four out of six matches under the lead of Solskher in the Premier League with a difference of more than one ball, we will bet here with a handicap on the hosts.


Our forecast is a victory for Manchester United with a handicap (-1.5) for 1.85

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The home team are just brilliant, although in the early stages of the domestic championship, even with Jose Mourinho, the club crashed after the crash and slipped to the center of the standings. Now, after the arrival of Solskher United, issued a series of seven victories in a row and this result is encouraging and frankly annoying neighbors in the standings in the face of Chelsea and Arsenal.


Burnley scrambled out of the relegation zone and for all the prerequisites will go to a mandatory profit, although the probability of victory is practically reduced to zero. Coach Sean Ditch admits that in the camp of his club is not all right with the formation. Three wins and a draw in the last four games inspire confidence, but Burnley’s stability is demonstrated in matches with extremely equal rivals.

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According to preliminary estimates by the majority of football analysts, this meeting will take place with the overwhelming advantage of the Sir Alexis and will end with their home victory in both halves. John Wilde relies on his own intuition and is confident that United will win with a goal difference of two. Further, the expert presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.

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Previously it was thought that the provincial football club would begin its performances with unprecedented success, since the end of last season, the wards of Sean Daich were held at the peak of their activity and for the first time in more than 50 years they delegated to the Europa League qualification. Naturally, after that, they talked about Burnley in a completely different way, but as a result, the club could not conduct a sufficiently clear pre-season preparation and landed in the bondage of defeats. Before the sixth round of the Premier League, the guests occupied the last line and suffered five defeats with one draw, and then the coaching staff changed tactics, thanks to which Burnley scored two straight victories over Bournemouth (4: 0) and Cardiff (2: 1).

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On this feat, Daych came to an unplanned end, and Burnley got a dozen goals from his opponents, losing in seven of nine matches. The clearance came only in a clash with Brighton (1: 0), but even after that the team did not calculate their strength and lost to Tottenham (0: 1) on Wembley. Thus, Burnley now has only 22 points after 23 matches and a well-deserved 16th place in the relegation zone for the Championship. The result, to put it mildly, is not the most convincing, therefore Ditch is looking for options in the FA Cup, in which Burnley, by the way, has already managed to beat the once formidable Barnsley club (1: 0).

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It is clear that in the Etihad arena the guests had nothing to catch, because further down the tournament grid Burnley lost to the townspeople from Manchester City with a score of 0: 5. Something similar is expected at Old Trafford, but experts from BetVictor went against the forecasts of most sports observers and suggested Burnley’s triumph. The bookmaker offers to bet on the sensational victory of the guests with any score by a factor of 14.00. It is clear to everyone that such an outcome has an extremely low probability percentage, so bet365 analysts stopped at the global outcome and propose putting on a draw on the 6.50 quote.

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As for the home team, the Red Devils spread their wings after Sulschere joined the head coach. Now Manchester perfectly combines in matches with almost any rivals, and recently Scots have won back from the gunners from Arsenal. The fact is that in the match of the 1/16 finals of the FA Cup, the Norwegian expert chose the tactically correct approach and in the end scored three goals for the gunners (3: 1).

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This victory was the seventh for a row in seven games Scandinavian, so now mankuniantsam at the time to declare their right to win the Champions League. Under his leadership, the guests made a profitable departure to the camp of Cardiff and defeated the newcomer of the Premier League, having shipped as many as five balls into its gates (5: 1). Then Manchester removed Huddersfield (2: 1) from the road, rolled up poker at the gate of Bournemouth (4: 1) and finished with Newcastle (2: 0). The apotheosis came in the confrontation with Tottenham, with whom United met in the capital of England.

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Absolutely all sports observers were confident in the class superiority of Mauricio Pochettino, but the character of the Sir Alexis was affected, as a result of which Markus Rushford, in a situation that was harmless to Spur's goalkeeper, designed the only goal scored in that match (1: 0). On the game with Burnley, Solskher did not change anything, so with more confidence, it should be noted that Burnley will have big problems with a possible hold on the world outcome. The group of experts from BlackType does not doubt the class superiority of the hosts and recommends putting on their ordinary victory with any score at a rate of 1.29.



If we consider the possible outcome in favor of United, then we should pay attention to the tactical capabilities of both teams. Now there are no owners

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